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Ole Pimp Daddy Beard company announces the release of the Hunter's Blend/Yes,Deer line. These scents are specifically geared for deer hunters. For the release, we are featuring one cover scent, Oakmoss, in a balm for the hunter's beard and a beard, body, and clothing spray and Anise, a food scent, also featured in the beard balm and beard, body, and clothing spray. This is virtually an untapped market and can help a deer hunter still maintain a soft, nourished beard, while masking his natural scent, that has been known to attract deer.

In the next few weeks, we will be releasing three additional food scents, acorn, honeysuckle, and clover. They will also be available in the beard balm and the beard, body, and clothing spray. Stay tuned for the release of these new scents.


Attention ladies! Ole Pimp Daddy Beard Company has not forgotten about you! Angie, co-owner of Ole Pimp Daddy is releasing the Harlot line. The new Harlot line will feature solid perfume,lip balms, hand lotion, and body butter in amazing scents! As these are still in production, a release date will be coming soon! Keep your eye on our page for the new products, scents, and release dates!!